An, er, interesting end to 2005

Having already written off 2005 as far from being my best, and looking forward to starting again with 2006, I spent New Year’s Eve day studiously painting undercoat on the hall woodwork – ie skirting boards, picture rail thingy but with more wood on it that goes right up to the ceiling and is ever so high, door frames and six doors that all needed to not be lilac any more – then thought I’d make the best of spending NYE by myself by cracking open a bottle of wine. I already knew that I wouldn’t be watching Jools Holland as, despite my best attempts, for some reason my TV absolutely refuses to be tuned (I’ve tried it with an internal aerial and the external one with absolutely no luck). So imagine my joy when I picked up the corkscrew and it fell apart in my hands. It’s one of those Pentecostal corkscrews (I’m sure you know what I mean!), but sadly was utterly beyond redemption, so I sought out the emergency corkscrew.

Once I’d attached it to the cork I remembered why it was the emergency corkscrew. It’s one of those which just has the metal bit and a handle which you basically just have to tug. Anyway, I tugged and tugged but the cork didn’t give even a mm, so I burst into tears and went to bed at 10.

I’m in a considerably better mood today, probably because I got a good night’s sleep! The woodwork has been top-coated, and I’ll do the walls tomorrow. For those of you dying to know my colour scheme (who ever would have thought I was such a style icon!) the walls will be Homebase’s “Warm Yellow”. I needed something light but warm, as the hall is the only room with no natural light. And to pre-empt further enquiries, the bedroom when it is (hopefully) done next week will be Homebase’s “Pale Green”. I did try a couple of squares of more yellow-greenish paint, but in the early morning they looked too dark.

I suspect blogging will be a bit limited next week as I await the First Inspection by the Parents. A fuller review of 2005 might well follow at some point, as well as lots of links now I’ve finally got some of my photos online and been reunited with my handy cut-and-paste bit of code for links. Hooray!

So, here’s to a 2006 that is considerably better than 2005 for all of us (even if your 2005 was already a good one!). Wishing you all joy, health, happiness, peace and blessings in abundance, and a reality even wilder than our wildest dreams!

3 thoughts on “An, er, interesting end to 2005

  1. Happy New Year Jack. I’m sorry that your NYE was such a disaster. I went to a party at friends’ house but spent the evening feeling isolated and shy and shut in on myself! At least you got more sleep than me! Thanks for letting me in on the colour scheme. I can picture it all in my mind’s eye now!!!!

  2. Happy New Year Jack. Glad you got your little Christmas present okay – I saw your mystified post on the ship’s secret santa thread and laughed a lot!

    Hope the Visitation of the Parents is/was lots of fun.

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