Greenbelt (part 1, probably)

So here I am with my free half hour in the internet cafe (go on you Greenbelters who aren’t Angels, join up you know you want to – free half hour in the internet cafe and all sorts). Greenbelt is great so far – glorious sunshine (and not humid and sticky like Moldova, except in the tent, where it’s very very hot and sticky indeed), great people, I’ve already bumped into lots of ship and wibsite people, and been to more things already than I did over the whole weekend for the last few years!

Yesterday I went to the Trance Mass which was put on by Visions alt.worship church from York. I decided to go partly because I’m camping with Visions (it’s HD’s church, although he doesn’t actually live there), and because I knew I wanted to go to a communion service but the Sunday main communion service here usually winds me up. So I went, not really expecting to get that into it (I’m not the world’s clubbiest person, it has to be said), but after 5 minutes I was sobbing, it was amazing. I think after months of having peripheral God-contact to be confronted that directly with God was a bit overwhelming, and will take some processing I think. It meant I missed the opening 20 minutes of Billy Bragg’s set, but the bit I did hear was worth it, he was on form as usual. Today HD and I randomly wandered into a seminar where an author was talking about getting published – unlike most of the world I don’t have a novel inside me at all (maybe a boring textbook though), but it was a place out of the sun so as good a place as anywhere to chill out! I also saw Kathryn Williams (whom we saw at Celtic Connections in January) in the Performance Cafe, always a good place to catch good music, as usual she was great and lovely, and then I wandered along with C to the grandstand and took part in the Iona Community Big Sing – where a group of people from the Community teach the crowd a load of songs, in harmony, and then we all just sing them, it was great fun. Later on today’s list is comedy (Peterson Toscano) and music (Kanda Bongo Man, a Congolese musician who sounds great), and of course tomorrow the wibsite bash.

Most importantly though, today I had a shower. Hooray!

In other news, I meant to blog about my fabulous new toothbrush, but forgot, so I’ll tack it onto the end here. When I got to HD’s on Wednesday I found that my shampoo had exploded in my soap bag, and I discovered when I went to clean my teeth that the toothbrush had not escaped the explosion. The prospect of a soapy mouth twice a day was too much, so I bought a new one which is much more fancy and expensive than I’d usually go for (they didn’t have the cheap economy ones I normally go for). It has a thick fancy handle and a thing in the brush bit which makes it feel like my mouth is being massaged, it’s just wonderful – life will never be the same again!

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