Matters arising

Thank you for your suggestions on the last post – I have come up with my own name after all that and won’t be using any of them, but kerensa and T&E may well be the recipient of a prize at some point (as previously mentioned, levels of “virtuality” and “reality” of this prize will depend on baggage allowances next week, so don’t get your hopes up too high). I’m not going to use my email name as I don’t want to attract any more spam, but have come up with something location-related with a nod to my current and usual locations, and (very obliquely) Brockley, and which is also nothing at all like “jackthelass” so am happy with it.

Mind you, I’m not going to post on that forum today as I have got man flu and am dying. It (and everything else) can wait. Woe is me! (send chocolate).

5 thoughts on “Matters arising

  1. I tried to send medicinal chocolate but:

    1. I ate it (mmmmm!!!!)
    2. It melted in transit (booo!!!!)
    3. My dog ate it
    4. You only have man flu (and everyone knows that’s not a real illness).

    One of those is correct…

  2. I have discovered that there is one illness worse than Man Flu… Gay Flu. You would think that it is terminal!

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