It’s all because of the Man Flu

Despite T&E’s assertions that Man Flu isn’t a real illness (dith: you’re welcome, glad to be of assistance), I woke up this morning feeling Grotty. Really really ill. Not helped by my landlady insisting on giving me a camomile (urgh) tea without removing the teabag (double urgh) and stirring in a spoonful of strawberry jam (triple urgh). Yes thank you it was indeed as foul as it sounds. I managed about half a cup out of politeness, but even being the ultimate diplomat I couldn’t bring myself to finish it.

I have though valiantly made my way into town to at least try and do some work (which is why I have been in the internet cafe for an hour on the ship and facebook and reading blogs, obviously) so I don’t feel like I’ve completely wasted my time here. I only have just over a week left here, and there’s still stuff to do, but right now I feel too grotty to care much. I just want to go home!

Anyway, I signed up with the other internet forum with my new name, but I’m guessing there must be a problem with cookies because every time I log in it just takes me back to the log in page, over and over again. It’s like being in Groundhog Day. I’m sure it would be fine if I didn’t have Man Flu.

I didn’t mention yesterday’s adventure, when I headed out to the countryside about an hour’s bus ride away from the city to do an interview there. It was really interesting, very very different from the city, and I’m so glad I got the chance. I took a few photos (not many) but it wasn’t the best day weather-wise so they’re not that great, unfortunately. But I’m so glad for the opportunity – I know I’m moaning and want to go home, but I am still having some really great experiences and am glad I’m having them.

They’d be even better if I didn’t have Man Flu, obviously.

3 thoughts on “It’s all because of the Man Flu

  1. Indeed. Nothing more could be said. Do strawberries, or the jam thereof, feature in many Eastern European dishes?

    Prayers that you get well soon also.

  2. I think I’d get Double Man Flu if I had to force down that concoction. Strawberry jam in camomile tea??!! One can only ask WHY???
    Hope you feel better soon through more conventional remedies….

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