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At some point reasonably soon, Mary is, God and Bishop-willing, going to be ordained as an OLM. I’m sure she’d appreciate prayers (and her loyal fans would appreciate a blog update 😉 ). [3rd attempt, hopefully the link will work now]

Intrepid Expat has finally arrived in Khartoum, and has started blogging – hooray! I’m sure she’d be happy to be prayed for too.

And Jane (blog pending, I hope) (*spot the subliminal subtle hint*) is off to vicar factory, today I think – definitely pray for her.

As for me – I fly to Romania a week today, and to the UK 2 weeks today! Will everything be done in time? Will I defeat the dastardly Man Flu before I leave? Will the Sibiu internet cafe staff remember me and greet me like a long-lost friend? Will I overcome my pathological phone phobia and speak to all the remaining scary people (who are fine and normal and lovely really)? Stay tuned ….

3 thoughts on “Christ Church bloggy stuff

  1. Staying tuned…

    With prayers for you and the man flu and your work, Mary, Intrepid Expat and Jane [who should get a Wiblog so we can hear about her 😉 — I say this having no idea who she may be, so apologies Jane if I’m coming across rude] ascending from Down Under.

  2. You have managed to make you’re updates sound like some form of 1970s kids cartoon – almost scooby doo esq with all the ‘will I defeat man flu find out next week tone’. So will the problems really be put down to them pesky kids?

    Warm Regards

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