The trials and tribulations of radio stardom

So, I blogged last week about being interviewed for national radio, and the various hideous indignities and unintentional hilarity that ensued. Now I’m in the internet cafe I’ve just checked the website to find that I can’t listen to it tonight (for it is tonight that I am broadcast to the world) after all as the computers here don’t allow any plug-ins to be installed (it means I can’t see anything on YouTube while I’m here either).

I suspect that’s probably just as well actually, it’s bound to be cringeworthy. When I’m home this weekend I’ll see if they have a “listen again” feature (I suspect not actually, but it’s worth a try).

2 thoughts on “The trials and tribulations of radio stardom

  1. If you happen to be in my neck of the woods on 10 Nov, you may be interested to know that the local film festival is showing " 4 months…." with subtitles (so I could come with you!)

  2. Hello – I will be sort of in that neck of the woods but not till a few days later, unfortunately. But make sure you go to see the film, except if you’re depressed, in which case don’t as it’s pretty unlikely to cheer you up!

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