3 thoughts on “Honk if you’re a student

  1. That’s one memory that didn’t need dredging up while I was eating breakfast! What was worse? A room full of smelly young boys on a day which had turned hot when morning was quite cold? They were dressed for the cold and ponged after lunch!

    Or a wet day when lunch had been eaten in the classroom and the wastepaper bin was full of orange peel!

    Total errk!

  2. Indeed they do & the trade off between being cold by keeping the windows open and avoiding the stench isn’t always an easy decision.

  3. I’m sure it is just the boys that stink.

    My sister assures me that Year 9 and 10 boys are the very worst on a hot day, particularly before they have learned to wash.

    May I suggest taking a leaf out of the Tudors’ book and spiking an orange with cloves and hanging it between you and the students?

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