Tired and Emotional

No, not *that* Tired and Emotional. Without going into details, HD had some not very good news today (in an absolutely classic case of crap timing), followed by the reinstatement of Plan B which means that the situation isn’t as bad as it first appeared. But it is still a bit awkward, and I have spent too much time chuntering away to myself and not actually packing my stuff to get ready to put it all into storage this weekend. I’m off to Wales tomorrow, which I’m happy about, but I can’t wait for life to stop being complicated.

In other news I have had to finally bite the bullet and relight the ugliest fire in the world, as my flat is so cold. Whilst I’m sorting out storage stuff I also have to find an insurance policy so I can get money to replace the oldest boiler in the world and clean out the gungiest radiators in the world. Brrrr.

In other other news I moved office yesterday. I have vowed (not entirely successfully, but have been better than usual) to not look at frivolous non-work related stuff at work, except email, unless I specifically need to contact someone through another site. With any luck this will mean that I’ll start actually getting some work done.

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