Random miscellany

* I am rubbish at Scrabulous and am currently being slaughtered by derf.
* I know that teaching only one day a week isn’t that arduous, but I do hate Tuesdays.
* Glasgow’s Christmas lights are on, and are even more hideous than ever. I might take my camera into town soon and try to show you them in all their blinginess.
* I miss HD and am trying not to get stressed about the fact that Plan B has fallen through as well. When he gets here tomorrow we will have to think about a Plan C (but we will have a snog first).
* Because they don’t read banns in Scotland, I have to arrange to swear at a vicar in England soon and give him wads of cash. I wonder if he will take Royal Bank of Scotland one pound notes?
* 39 sleeps to go till the wedding 😀

9 thoughts on “Random miscellany

  1. It’s such rotten news about the job – hope things fall into place soon. And it seems to me that I am going to have to try this scrabulous thing… at least I will if my computer will let me. (Have I ever mentioned how technology hates me?)

  2. Oh no, please don’t challenge me! I have a game with rain outstanding, and I really can’t afford the time! Argh!

  3. I haven’t the faintest clue what scrabulous is – but if it involves expending vast amounts of time on the internet, I will live without knowing.

    Sorry to hear about plans A and B. At least plan W is still on track! Thinking of you.

  4. I’m the ruggishist of all scrabulists. I’m rubbisher than all other scrabulists who declare themselves rubbish. If you don’t believe me, ask Pants, or Chalky…

    All best with the vicar swearing and the nebulous plans.

  5. Ah, I remember having to swear at my vicar, happy days! (She took it very well and absolutely refused to be paid for the privilage)

  6. Smudgie, I’ve challenged you to a game of scrabulous! Hope it behaves and works….

    Boo hiss to all pesky job related stresses – hope it all sorts itself out v soon.

    And talking of lights in Glasgow, have you seen there’s a festival of light this weekend? Website above. I’ll probably try and have a wander round some of it before Holy City on Sunday if you fancy joining me.

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