Hot Toddy

I have got what feels suspiciously like the onset of Lurgy. This is not good.

I asked HD if I could have a drop of his whisky in my tea for a hot toddy. He wouldn’t let me (he drinks posh whisky), and made me open the (wait for it) 1 litre tetrapak of rum that I bought from Romania in the mid-90s, which cost about £1. I haven’t ever quite dared open it – as if rum in a carton wasn’t bizarre enough, this particular rum even has a sell-by date! (of 1996!!!!!*). However, needs must, and I have decanted most of it off into an empty wine bottle (I’m not planning on drinking the entire litre, but if this lurgy takes hold then I’ll be needing more hot toddies, and we can always pour the leftover rum over the Christmas pudding). It looked a bit like engine oil, but I haven’t keeled over yet so hopefully it will do the trick without causing too much gut rot.

* I also have a small carton of vodka with a sell-by date of 1994. Also from Romania, unsurprisingly.

In other news, Virgin Broadband is rubbish. Gah.

2 thoughts on “Hot Toddy

  1. Just off to check out the so-called drinks cabinet to see if there is anything alcoholic and medicinal to ward off my lurgy -caught, I believe, from someone I was sitting next to at a concert. Do these people have NO sense of social responsibility???!!

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