Spending and naming

We were up in town spending some of the vouchers we were given as wedding gifts today. It was fun! We have all sorts of exciting gadgetry to play with now, mainly of the kitchen variety. It made me really appreciative – we aren’t exactly flushed with money right now, but thanks to the generosity of others we were able to treat ourselves without being anxious about the cost.

HD suggested we call the new car “Jamie”, as King James followed Good Queen Bess(ie). I think it’s a silly name for a car though, and besides I haven’t seen it yet, I don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl. This is all a very new experience for me – my two previous cars have both been called “Car” (capital C) – a very useful name that covered both sexes (the Polo was a girl, the Renault a boy. I think). But after Bessie we can’t possibly have an unnamed car, and I think two Cars is enough, it’s time for a change now.

7 thoughts on “Spending and naming

  1. Depends partly on what make it is, don’t you find? I’ve had Maurice the metro, Carlos the Nova (it was a rubbish car with a victim mentality so needed a Spanish name to go with the fact that it didn’t ‘va’ – apart from the many times it got stolen), Karl the Ka (named by my uncle) and hmm – I’ve just realised that my current Kia is nameless….

  2. Yes, Bessie was Bessie because she was black (‘Black Bess’).

    Kate, may I suggest Kylie as a suitable name for your Kia. Or perhaps Kevin, if it’s a boy.

  3. Hmmm… Kevin’s probably a better match for the brummie accent that surely goes with it being a Rio. I’ll try that out next time I have to address it directly.

  4. mine is a deeply unimaginative Cleo the Clio, following on from Lotta (best friend of Lola and alter ego of JAcqui) and before that, Minnie (or baked Beeean) the – yes you’ve guessed it – orange mini.

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