I don’t like Tuesdays

I know I have written a similar blog entry every last Tuesday in February (or thereabouts) since moving here, but I just need to record that the tutorial from hell (ie the role-play) is over for another year. During a particularly painful bit of it I worked out that I have so far spent 16 hours of my life doing this tutorial, and depending on the number of tutorials I have to do next year that figure will go up to over 20 hours. That’s nearly a whole day that I’m never going to get back. I’m not impressed at all.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, when I got home I was chopping some veg and managed to slice through my thumb. I don’t like Tuesdays.

3 thoughts on “I don’t like Tuesdays

  1. enjoy the next 6 days which aren’t Tuesdays (and count down the Tuesdays to the end of this bunch of tutorials, which must be approaching fast….)

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