Procrastination, part 758

I must be ill. I’m procrastinating from doing the ironing (my most loved procrastination method).

Splutter, whinge, and all-round feeling-sorry-for-myself-ness.

7 thoughts on “Procrastination, part 758

  1. Good heavens! Come round with a bottle of red forthwith. Ironing board is up, ready and waiting; iron is warming up… I need a displacement activity on the joys of archiving dissertations in a Swiss e-collection. Deadline: tomorrow at 9 am!!! 🙁

  2. Please may I do your ironing? Don’t let that Kerensa do it – my need for procrastination is greater than hers. I need to procrastinate in order to avoid doing my procrastination activities.

  3. Smudgie, heaven forfend! You misunderstand me. I wasn’t offering to do JtL’s ironing for her. I was merely offering her the unalloyed joy of doing it herself at my house while I held forth on various topics to keep her mind off the evil task. Red wine helps in this matter we always found in days of yore.
    If you want to come too, I’m sure another bottle can be procured from somewhere.

  4. No, but I have got some rather marvellous homemade elderflower cordial. (Oh help… you can’t tell that I’m managing to procrastinate big-time here, can you? JtL has clearly overcome her wobbles and is cracking on. I must take myself in hand and get on…)

  5. I don’t think you’re ill, I think you’re merely improving at procrastinating. You have now begun meta-procrastinating!

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