Splutter, bleurgh

I’m sure this happened last time too – today the essays I’m going to spend all next week marking are being handed in, and I really feel like I’m coming down with the lurgy. I have a sore throat and a bit of a cough, and a fuzzy headed feeling too. It’s probably all psychosomatic, but is giving me even more ammunition in my “I don’t wanna be a teacher” campaign. It’s bad for your health – official.

I’ve just submitted an abstract to speak at a conference in September (it’ll be a rehash of the talk I will be doing at the end of this month at Scaryconference), and requested a form to do another rehash of the same talk at another conference in June. I have also spent some time doing a (much-needed) sort-out and organisation of my university emails, but really I didn’t have to do it today. It’s just that with the essays being in today, and so me spending all next week marking, I have to finish my conference talk by tomorrow, so the procrastination mechanism is in full flow. When I get home I shall do the ironing and housework, and then wonder why I’m stressed tomorrow.

One thought on “Splutter, bleurgh

  1. You think you are procrastinating? I took an hour and a half out of my valuable study time to drive across the city and buy new knitting needles and wool. Of course now I will have to start the project too.

    Beat that.

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