They’re marked. Comment sheets all typed up. Those for second marking have gone to the second markers. Apart from the ones where the second markers make changes to my comments and/or mark, that’s the last lot of essays till Christmas. Not only that, but I only have two more weeks of tutorials left and then I will have said goodbye to yet another year of first years (how did that happen? I only got rid of the last lot the other week, or so it seems!), and I won’t have any more teaching to do until October. This is the best time of the year.

Now, can someone please remind me what my thesis is about, because I’m ******ed if I can remember.

This time last year I was counting down to going on fieldwork. That feels like a lifetime ago now.

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  1. Funny, was just thinking earlier of your departure this time last year. Such a lot has happened in your life in the meantime!

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