Suspicious cartooning

First of all it was Dave Walker. Producing cartoons about impossible filing systems that made me convinced he could see directly into my flat. Then it was PhD comics, which all too often replicates my life to the letter.

And now, today, xkcd does it. What I want to know is, where is that hidden camera that is recording my entire life, and why is it the cartoonists on the other side of it?


(Hmm, I wonder why I couldn’t get the image to embed?)

4 thoughts on “Suspicious cartooning

  1. One of my favourite comics , xkcd. 😉

    And while I do not have a laptop [I am a poor excuse for an IT geek], I do often dash out to my PC first thing in the morning. :help:

  2. And if you have iPhone or iPod touch, you don’t even have to lug the laptop under the covers – just reach out for the mini-gadget. It’s great! As is xkcd.

  3. Actually katie I do occasionally do cartoons, for my Christmas letter. And I’ve just found a make-your-own-cartoon website so might have a little go at my own some time.

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