Of mystery ingredients

Today was my last tutorial of the year (hoorays all round, except that this heralds the imminent arrival of the essays, so never fear there’s still plenty to whinge about).

This evening I had a meal with some friends from church, who are lending me a guidebook for when I go away to the conference next week (it seemed a bit pointless buying one when I’ve only got an afternoon or so free to look round, but I wanted a bit of guidance as to what was worth seeing in that short time). I. is an amazing cook and made a stunning vegetable chilli, which afterwards she revealed contained a mystery secret ingredient: chocolate! I’d never have realised it contained chocolate, it certainly didn’t taste of it, but there was definitely something about it that made it a cut above the usual chilli (and several cuts above the chillis I cook). Good job it wasn’t Lent!

In other news it is COLD here! (or, as Smudgie and Smudgelet would have it, it’s chilly chilly chilly chilly chilly). Main roads have been gritted but side roads (including mine) haven’t been so both road and pavement are covered in black ice. Coming home from my friends’ place this evening I was literally clinging onto walls to avoid falling over – without having consumed a single drop of alcohol! It left me very relieved that I’m not elderly – it is really dangerous out there and was really quite scary. [As an aside, if anyone wants to pray for a safe journey for HD, who is driving up here tomorrow evening, I’d be grateful. I have already nagged him to drive slowly (despite the only one of us to ever get a speeding ticket being, er, me) but I won’t stop worrying till he arrives in one piece]

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