I’m happy to put my support behind the current campaign to get Jeff Buckley’s version of “Hallelujah” into the charts.  Actually his isn’t my favourite version (that honour goes to Kathryn Williams, I’m sure she’ll be thrilled), but it is fantastic, and the thought of this wonderful song being X-Factored is just too traumatic to consider.  I think I might just buy my first download ever! (I know – I’m a little behind the times).

Details here.

8 thoughts on “Hallelujah

  1. To be fair the X factor version isn’t too bad. My personal favourite version is K D Lang, heard it live at Cambridge last year and it was captivating.

  2. I love the Jeff Buckley version and already own it but I could spring $.99 for a download. Oh – hang on – that wouldn’t work, would it?

    Actually I could use my secret “I’m in the UK really” work network and buy it from ITunes UK but it does seem a little pointless!

  3. As a Leonard Cohen fan, while I deplore the X factor version,I’m happy that LC will be benefiting either way, especially given the financial difficulties he found himself in recently.

    So two and a half cheers to Simon Cowell.

  4. Just tried and failed miserably to download it. I’m so technologically challenged I can’t even spend 79p properly! Argh.

  5. I’m spending my money on Terry Wogan and Aled Jones’ ‘Little Drummer Boy’ cause if there’s got to be an organised effort to stop X-Factor getting the Christmas #1 let it be a single raising money for charity.

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