Today’s drama started early, when I woke up in pain and with severe difficulty in moving my right leg and (especially) make any movement involving my right bum cheek (surprisingly many, it turns out).  I couldn’t think of any clumsy walking-into-something-at-right-bum-cheek-level incidents recently, or any unusual twisting or lifting or anything, so decided in the early morning haze that it couldn’t possibly be anything muscular.  So I have spent the day diagnosing myself with all sorts of things which I won’t discuss here (especially the particular diagnosis that led to a rather over-dramatised message on HD’s voicemail), and generally making that “ooooohhhhhhrr” sound whenever I either got up or sat down or moved at all really.  I’ve just been to the doctor and been assured it’s definitely muscular, so am now feeling rather silly.  But it still hurts, so not totally silly.

I’m getting a bit fed up of having to think about and brace myself for any movement – lowering myself onto the toilet, putting on shoes, that sort of thing.  Ow 🙁

In other news, it sounds like HD’s interview went well, though we won’t know for a while.  But he sounded calm and happy about it (just as well, given that I’m being enough of a drama queen for both of us*) so I’m happy for now.

[*Surely not – Ed]

2 thoughts on “Ow

  1. I see, laughing at others’ misfortune, eh?

    Sorry about the TMI, I just thought it might help you all understand the seriousness of my plight!

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