Procrastination and Advent

I have a new favourite Google query – someone found my blog today by asking Professor Google the following:

“What is meant by procrastination?”

Welcome!  You’re so in the right place! 😀

In other news, I have kept meaning to blog something profound about Advent (at least, profounder than the fact that we have given up lolcats till Christmas Day, which is the extent of my Advent blogging so far).  But I’m really struggling.  I guess I’m just going through a rather dry patch faith-wise, which, combined with a bonkers lifestyle where I don’t know if I’m on foot or horseback means that I’ve only been to church once this Advent (last weekend) and I don’t feel remotely like I’ve stopped and considered what it is we’re anticipating.

I don’t seem to be having any problems praying for other people (I’m struggling praying for myself and HD, which is why I keep asking you lot to pray for us!).  But in terms of a personal experience of the wonder of the season – hasn’t happened yet.  I suspect that I might though start to get the tingles/back-of-neck-hair-raising at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve – St Frodo’s Midnight Mass always does it for me.  Maybe that’s what Advent is for me – anticipating another time when the coming Christ is a tangible reality rather than a dry intellectual concept.  I hope this coming Christmas is the start of that – I’m running on empty in enough areas of my life already, it would be good if my faith at least was flowing rather than ebbing for a while.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel.