It is (almost) finished!

Hooray!  It’s a wee bit too long, and I’m not entirely convinced that the individual sections, although all pretty good by themselves, entirely hang together, and I don’t like my concluding paragraph so will rewrite it tomorrow, and I have to chop out about 400 words, but I have had some good and very useful feedback from a colleague and hopefully will have supervisor feedback soon so I think I almost have something publishable!  Now once I’ve done all that (tomorrow) they just have to accept it!

The last couple of thousand words took as long as the previous 5,000, and by the end I felt like I was doing the electronic equivalent of slurring my speech, but at least getting it down as a whole on paper means I have been able to chill this evening (as opposed to the last 3 evenings where I have chilled while a bag of work has sat in the hall making me feel guilty).  The closest I got to actually doing any of the work I brought home was bringing the bag into the living room yesterday evening, where it sat at my feet looking at me while I read wiblogs.

Today I was telling one of my colleagues (who just started his PhD this year) how I still, after all this time, am convinced I’m just blagging my way through the whole thing and one day soon I’ll get found out.  I’m just encouraged by the fact that the longer I’m in academia at this level, the more I meet loads of people who are doing amazing things in their research (including staff members) who feel exactly the same.

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