How quickly we forget!

I’m still going through my old blog posts tagging and categorising them, and I’ve been really amused at reliving various forgotten experiences (not to mention all-night essay writing, whoever would have thought of such a thing?! Ahem). But, bizarrely, I have also read quite detailed entries where at the end of it I’ve thought “You know? I have absolutely no idea what I was on about there”. One was of an attempt to contact someone from Bucharest a couple of years ago whom I thought would be really important and useful for my fieldwork. Who on earth was that? They obviously weren’t that important and useful.

I hope my memory isn’t this bad when it comes to my viva.

One thought on “How quickly we forget!

  1. He he.

    And I am with you with the forgotten experiences…while I go back categorising I am having several “Oh wow! I’d forgotten about that!” moments.

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