I rushed home straight after tutorials (which of course went fine) to watch the inauguration of President Obama – the first time in my life I’ve dropped everything to do that. I arrived home towards the end of Rick Warren’s prayer, went for a wee and found I’d missed half of Aretha Franklin, and then sat glued to the screen for the next hour. What an amazing spectacle it was – I shed a tear or three, and I just loved the guy who gave the benediction at the end! I’m sure Obama won’t be able to fulfil all the huge expectations of him, but that’s because of the enormity of the mess he’s inherited rather than a statement of his ability or lack of it. I feel very hopeful tonight for our world.

And in other news, I only have 36 hours of tutorials left EVER. Not that I’m counting or anything.

3 thoughts on “Inauguration

  1. I missed it all cos I was writing extra Bible notes on Galatians. Now I could kick myself… However Galatians is quite appropriate: ‘There is in Christ neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male and female…’ and might one add ‘black nor white’?

  2. I almost missed it because I was trying to send a big doc to a client at the same time. I think my computer objected to iPlayer and emailing simultaneously. It took 7 attempts and 25 minutes to get the wretched document to attach and send.

    I thought – if anyone asks me where I was when Obama was sworn in I might have to say “e-mailing a document” – not exactly a fitting activity viewed under the microscope of Great Historical Moments I Have Witnessed. Fortunately, for my sanity, the document whizzed off just in the nick of time.

    (I did miss 9/11 by 2 days – but it wasn’t exactly announced in advance – and I did have the excuse of being out on the ocean wave out of contact of modern communications.)

  3. The benediction was quality and delivered by The Rev. Joseph E. Lowery. Search using (video) google for his speech at the Corretta Scott funeral. Once you get over the fact it all rhymes (so feels like some twisted Eurovision filler) you’ll see some quality lines.

    Warmest Regards Always


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