Dear Wibsite Powers-That-Be

I have commented on a few blogs in the last couple of days, but my comments simply disappear into the ether. I was going to start a thread on the wibsite board about it, but even though I’m logged in, the ‘start a new thread’ link seems to have disappeared.

Have I broken it again?

[Have just been informed by Pants that she found my comments in her spam folder. As a committed vegetarian, of all things I really really really don’t want to be spam! Is there any way of getting de-spammed?] [Plus that doesn’t explain why I can’t post a new thread to the board]

21 thoughts on “Dear Wibsite Powers-That-Be

  1. Phew I’m glad that posted. It would have been a bit embarrassing being accused of being a spammer by my own blog.

  2. You were spam on mine the last time you commented… but I retrieved you very quickly, as I knew how distressing being spam is to a vegetarian.

  3. No sign of you in my spam at all, unless it was you suggesting I need a slightly larger part of my anatomy and that you had the means to help me achieve it… (Hmmm.. are you trying to make me put on weight or something?)

  4. JTL, your comment arrived in my blog spam-free. Just as well. This place is becoming distinctly Monty Python (y)

  5. A wonderful comment from you was wedged between penis enlargement and weight loss advertisements in my Spam filter. I released it…

  6. That’s quite strange, Jack. If you’re logged in on your own Wiblog you should be logged in on all (just above the comment box it will say “Logged in as jackthelass”) – which means your comment *shouldn’t* be marked as spam.

    Regarding the forums thing, there’s a problem with that and I’m afraid you have to log in their separately. I’ll try to fix that.

  7. I too have found your words of wisdom amongst the spam… though I really don’t understand why you’re trying to sell me viagra.

  8. Now that is also weird. When I read this before commenting a moment ago, there was only five comments and my second comment was missing. Now I’ve posted another comment, I find 10 comments, including both of mine, but the new one is missing.

    AAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The spam monster is out to get us!

  9. Yesterday it let me post on your blog but not Tractorgirl’s. So if I’m spam I’m selective spam…..

  10. Yes, Smudgie’s penultimate comment, and also Ian’s, went straight to spam.

    Argh, who let the monsters out?

  11. Chris, I’ve just tried, and I think that if I’ve been despammed from a blog then I’m allowed to comment there, but if I haven’t commented on a blog for a while then it sends me to spam. So I’ve just appeared on Japes’, and earlier on Ian’s, but Rosamundi’s blog doesn’t like me 🙁

    Also forgot to say, the boards thing is different weird. I *am* logged in separately just for the boards, and I can reply to threads, I’ve just lost the ability to start new threads.

  12. You mean you don’t enjoy being surrounded by enlarged penis’s or penii or whatever the plural of penis is!!

  13. Pants – no, not particularly, but I’m guessing you do as that’s where I just found your comment!! 😉

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