Nice little earner (hopefully)

I have spent a bit of today recycling an old post from this very blog and submitted it to a postgrad journal who pay fifty quid per article published. Of course I don’t know if it will be accepted or not, and it’s not peer-reviewed or remotely prestigious, but if it is accepted that’s not bad for an hour’s tweaking of my largely insignificant ramblings.

I also sent off the article that I was writing (and blogging about) the other week. Eek. Wish me luck (I’ll find out in the next 6 weeks if it’s been accepted or not, and if so the extent of the changes I need to make).

I can’t believe I’m writing stuff with the intention of publication. After all this time I still feel like I’m playing at doing a PhD.

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One thought on “Nice little earner (hopefully)

  1. Good luck with your articles, lol, I like what you say about the feeling of playing at doing a PhD, here’s what a part-time PhD colleague (in her fifties!) wrote to me after I had sent her a couple of chapter for inspiration:
    “I’ll be treating myself to some PhD time over the weekend – so will have a look at what you sent then – and sure thing, I’m happy to give some feedback … it will be useful for me to psyche my way into “grown up” PhD writing – I have just been doing bits and pieces.”
    I’m definitely at the grown up stage, hopefully submitting in a few weeks, but it feels surreal, after all this time!!!

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