I hate headaches

I had to go home after lunch today, as I was looking at the screen of my computer and seeing flashing lights and feeling sick, so thinking about my chapter (which was supposed to be in today) just wasn’t going to happen. On the bus, I sat in front of someone who was eating a burger and behind someone who smelt like they had washed with carbolic soap, and had to close my eyes, put my hand over my face and try not to heave as the smells from all sides were overwhelming (normally I’d just think “yuck, that smells” and that would be it, but when I’m in the grip of a headache, it just takes over and all I can think about is how horrible the smell is). I spent the afternoon in a dark room, dozing and dosed up with Migraleve. I felt better when I got up (at 6) but I find after a headache that it feels really weird for the rest of the day. I think they call it “migraine with aura” – it’s really hard to explain, the best I can do is to say it’s like standing on the edge of a cliff (or edge of anything, really). When I quiet myself down, I can feel myself rocking slightly, and eyelids flickering, and I could fall either way.


In other news, I have just found myself in my spam folder. It comes to something when even my own blog hates me! I’m still going to spam in quite a few blogs (Tractor Girl, check your spam folder), which is v. irritating. A girl could get paranoid.

In other other news, we went to a fantastic Celtic Connections gig last night. As with the best ones, the support acts were so good it felt like we’d got our money’s worth even before the main act came on. The main act this time was a Quebecois band called La Bottine Souriante (the support acts were another Quebecois band called Le Vent du Nord and an Irish singer called Julie Fowlis). All 3 acts were absolutely superb – pictures (which aren’t that brilliant, but not too bad) will be on my Glasgow photo blog next week. I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol so I know that the headache wasn’t hangover-related. I did try to read Foucault on the bus on the way to work this morning though, maybe that was what did it.

5 thoughts on “I hate headaches

  1. You mean that the headache might have been divine judgement for trying to look intelligent and pretentious on the bus?

  2. Hugs on headache.
    Tried to retrieve you from spam, but it all went an ickle Pete Tong and I think I deleted you. Apologies, but thanks for comment

  3. Definitely a migraine with aura.. well, judging by my own experiences anyway. Migraleve never really worked for me (although it’s what my Dr prescribed). Personally I found that the best relief was Neurofen Migraine Pain (if taken as soon as you start to feel the flashy lights aura coming on) – although that only dulls the pain rather than making it go away. The queasiness is horrid too so I sympathise. Mine are stress/tiredness related as far as I can work out (oh, and some kinds of food colouring). Don’t worry about feeling wuzzy afterwards – I also get those sort of migraine hangovers too. For me sleeping it off was the answer! I guess everyone’s different though so I’ll shut up now – just thought it sometimes helps to know you’re not on your own.


  4. Thank you Moog, that was really thoughtful. I’ve only just started taking Migraleve – usually if I can take them as soon as I notice a headache starting then Anadin Extra works, but sometimes (if I don’t take it quickly enough) it needs something else, so I tried Migraleve which does seem to dull it a bit (though is ever so expensive so I would always start off with the Anadin and only use it if desperate!). I’ve never really got on with normal Neurofen so am a bit reluctant to take that.

    I keep trying to figure out the antecedents to see if there’s a pattern, but have not yet worked out what (if anything) is causing them.

    [Disclaimer: both Anadin Extra and Migraleve contain paracetamol – it is v. bad to combine paracetamol-containing drugs, so I am NOT recommending this at all, and in fact I had to once (in full migraine-with-aura haze) tell the pharmacy assistant what could be taken and when as she didn’t seem to have twigged the implications. Paracetamol is one very scary drug, despite its ubiquity – be really really really careful about how much you take and how often]

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