Think again

We were meant to be going to York for the weekend to see friends, but unfortunately Dudley (the Saab) has a little problem with one of his wheels so we can’t drive until it’s sorted out, and it was too late to get a train ticket that didn’t cost a fortune. So we shall have to think of something else to do instead.

HD gave me a present today. He had originally planned on giving it to me tomorrow, but as it’s possibly the most unromantic present ever he thought better of it and gave me it today instead. It’s a really cool present though (don’t click if you’re of a sensitive disposition) – one of these. I could really have done with one of these on Cumbrae the other week, it was far too cold to drop my pants behind a random bush so I had to hold on for ages!

Whoever said romance was dead?!

8 thoughts on “Think again

  1. Great Scott! You’re right. It wouldn’t really feature on the Romance-o-meter, would it?

    Thoughtful, though.

    Dudley’s wheels being a bit dodgy may have been a blessing in disguise. Imagine: you’d have been in York, fondly remembering the romance of the wedding and all, possibly allowing yourself to hope that you might be the lucky recipient of something lovey-dovey, you rip off the wrapper and all ready to say “Wheeeee!” and it’s …. poo, pants and piddle, really.

    Good move, HD. The day before Valentine’s Day. Got yourself off the hook there, matey!

  2. Haha – I think he was inspired by my constant moaning on Cumbrae that I needed a wee! And he knows me well enough – my first reaction was “oh cool!” Which is possibly a bit sad, I realise.

  3. Oooh – ooh – I want one of those. How fabulous it would be to be on a long walk with the husband, and not get huffy and jealous at the frequency and ease with which he can go for a wee, whilst I have to either hold on, or do the whole waiting until there’s a suitably placed bush out of sight from path etc etc. Too much hassle. Will order one forthwith!

    (actually – praps you could test it first and report back…)

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