Down to the wire

The conference paper I’ve been writing for the last week (that I originally thought wouldn’t take that long) has been submitted to my supervisors for their comments, at 1 minute to 5 this evening! I was pleased with this – normally I’m a day or 3 over my deadline (my supervisors seem fine with that), but tomorrow one of my supervisors goes to Russia for a month, and only has email access for the first week, so she wanted the paper to print out to read on the plane so she could send me comments next week. I wish I wasn’t like this, working right to the very edge of deadlines – it would be much less stressful if I wasn’t. But then maybe it wouldn’t be – I’d keep going over and rewriting and agonising over whether I could rewrite even more – at least this way it’s out of the way and I can forget about it till I get the comments.

Except that I won’t, of course! It’s too long, needs an extra section that I wasn’t able to do as I think my main sources are somewhere in storage (so I’ll find them when we eventually move, whenever that is!) so I need to think of a way round that, and I hate the conclusion and need to rewrite that. But for all intents and purposes it’s done, and I don’t intend to work over the weekend. That’s good anyway.

And this weekend there are exciting things on the horizon, so maybe I’ll be able to blog something of interest to more people than just me.

One thought on “Down to the wire

  1. I’m so pleased for you! Congratulations, and quite the down-to-the-last-minute event, indeed! Yes, relaxation is in order this weekend…I look forward to posts and pictures if applicable, and, as always, a very entertaining entry from our very own, dear, JacktheLass 🙂

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