A walk in the park

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This evening we thought we’d take advantage of the blue sky (and lack of rain!) to check on the baby coots in the park and have an ice-cream. We only managed to see one of the coots (once again my photos are too rubbish for public consumption!), it’s quite a bruiser now! There wasn’t any sign of any ducklings or cygnets though – actually I haven’t seen an obvious swan nest so maybe they haven’t bred this year, I don’t know.

IMGP6786 We did have a bit of a show from this thrush – it was swooping again and again trying to chase away a rook that was sat by the edge of the pond, presumably near the nest of the thrush. Eventually the rook got a bit fed up and sauntered off, and then the thrush started on us! (though a bit less dramatically, as obviously it could see we were a bit bigger! We definitely got a ‘look’ from it though!).

The ice-cream situation was a bit disappointing. I had a Feast all planned in my head, but unfortunately the van only did cornets with vanilla ice-cream, which neither of us like that much. I suppose it was better for our waistline, but I really was a bit disappointed – what a let-down!

3 thoughts on “A walk in the park

  1. Hmmm…your ice cream has different names. Not sure what a Cornet is, but being a “plain vanilla” girl myself, I guess that would suit me. I am so NOT about chocolate….

    Sorry you couldn’t find any young birds. They seem to be everywhere here! Last night, as we took the kids to their youth group, there was a pair of Canada Geese walking along the road with tiny fuzzy yellow goslings in tow. Thankfully, this was on a road “less traveled”!

    Your photos are beautiful! The colors of Spring are so intense…

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