Mystery bloodletting and random matters arising

A couple of evenings ago I cut my finger whilst chopping veg for dinner. This was unusual as although it was quite a hefty cut I didn’t feel a thing, and only realised that I’d done anything at all when I noticed all the blood on the chopping board. Anyway, I cleaned it up, put a plaster on it and carried on. Then yesterday while I was at work (and by which time the cut had actually become quite hurty) I noticed something strange, which hadn’t registered before. The cut was on my pointy finger, but was on my right hand, i.e. the hand with which I hold the knife, by the handle. I’m still puzzling how on earth I managed to cut it, as presumably it would require some nifty hand movements, and yet I was completely oblivious until after the fact! (it’s feeling much better now by the way, in case anyone was worrying!).

In other news, after considering volunteering at Greenbelt, we have decided instead to have a year off the festival this year. It’s sad that we won’t see lots of lovely people, but I think it will do us both good to do something different for a year. Apart from the social side of things, I have to admit that I was starting to feel a bit jaded and ‘comfortable’ with it all, and apart from a couple of contributors I was feeling like I could take or leave a lot of the lineup (PS Tractor Girl, I’ve tried to send you a message on facebook this evening to tell you that, but facebook isn’t loading for me this evening – will try again at work tomorrow. We’ll have to make sure to meet up somewhere up north sometime soon!).