Dr Who exhibition

IMGP7067We went to the Dr Who exhibition at the Kelvingrove Museum on Friday, it was really fun. Unfortunately we managed to be walking to the Kelvingrove at exactly the same time as Glasgow’s heavens decided to open, and got utterly drenched – there was so much rain we just had to laugh, there was no way we wouldn’t get soaked!

The tardis marks the entrance to the exhibition, and I was amused to see a bride having her photos taken by it – they were obviously having their wedding reception at the museum, as later on I saw her and the groom emerging from one of the galleries (the one with Sir Roger the elephant) – I have to say I would *love* to see their wedding photos! (“Me by the Tardis” “Us below the Spitfire” “Us with Elvis” etc).

IMGP7071Anyway back to the exhibition. It’s pretty much all an exhibition of the more recent series – it featured costumes and props from the series featuring Christopher Ecclestone and David Tennant. I think I would have liked to have seen some stuff from earlier series as well, but apart from this touch screen thing where you could see the opening sequence from the Dr Who era of your choice (the one in this photo was from the Tom Baker era) and a poster which featured all the pre-Tennant Doctors, that was it. It took us about 3/4 hour to go through the whole thing, stopping to look and read some exhibits and not spending ages on others.

IMGP7084As well as costumes and models of some of the various baddies and other characters, there were also sections on how they create special effects and on the art and costume designs. I really enjoyed it I must say – it was very clear that the days of wobbly sets and low-budgets are now well and truly over! If you’re a fan I’d say definitely pay it a visit if you can (I think you can buy tickets on the day from the Kelvingrove shop, but probably best to book tickets in advance to make sure).

IMGP7090Once you get through the exhibition you find yourself in the shop, where they have a whole heap of Dr Who tat to buy. I was particularly amused by the inflatable daleks, who, well let’s just say certain bits were a bit flaccid! (I think some Dalek Viagra might be in order!).