I had never heard the word ‘staycation’ till relatively recently – referring to time off staying at home rather than going on vacation. It’s one of those buzzwords that is really naff but seems to be gaining currency. This weekend of course lots of people are off to Greenbelt for the Bank Holiday weekend, and we are staying at home. Now, while I still think that having a year off will be good for us for all sorts of reasons, and if the weather is anything like it currently is up here avoiding a weekend of mud and wellies will be a good thing for my stress levels, nevertheless I do feel a little twinge of “they’re all there and I’m not”. I’d say we’d go and have an adventure, but have bits and bobs of work to do, plus interview preparation, so I shall just urge everyone at the festival to blog regularly so I can experience it all vicariously without the mud/mank/cold/etc! I’m thinking calling it a staycation maybe will make me feel a bit better about it!

The interview is for a health visiting job (that I’m not desperate to do, but beggars can’t be choosers) and is next Monday. Eek.

7 thoughts on “Staycation

  1. Hugs and hope you enjoy. Whilst I will prob fail I am actually going to try and focus on real life over the weekend this year and then just blog on it when I get home.
    In terms of your q in my blog, I have no idea where I will be in a years time.

  2. I’m missing Greenbelt too. Hey, maybe we could take over the wibsite while they are all gone!

    Or we could both focus on writing and work and everything else…

    Hope the job interview goes well.

    I’m looking forward to spending the equivalent of two tickets on talks downloads next week.

  3. Clearly I’ve been light years in advance of this new development, never having been to GB 🙂

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