Dog collarage

To (almost) the other end of the M8 yesterday evening, to see Derf – or should I now say, Rev. Derf (well technically The Dr. Rev. Derf, but she’s decided against that for thoroughly understandable reasons!) being received into her new congregation/circuit/parish (they’re a bit complicated, these Methodist types!). What a lovely evening. As soon as I walked in and saw her over the other side of the room in her dog collar I got all weepy (I’m still getting all weepy thinking about it), and although I did hold it together during the service, every time I looked at her I got all emotional. Just seeing someone doing what they were born to do, what a wonderful thing 🙂

The spread the congregations put on after the service was a wonderful thing as well 😀

Wishing Rev. Derf every joy and happiness in her new ministry.

6 thoughts on “Dog collarage

  1. Thanks – was great to see you all there 🙂

    And definitely not The Dr. Rev. Derf, it would be Dr the Rev if the presbyterians got their way, I might go for Rev Dr on occasion if it will scare people into submission 😉 (official denomination type people rather than local congregations who I’m not planning to scare….)

  2. I trained with someone who was a GP and had a Phd so she was technically Rev Dr Dr …. Funnily enough she wasn’t going to put that on the office door!

  3. I so wish I could have been there, though I’d have got all weepy too and then we’d both have been a horrible wet mess in the corner.

    I showed the Smudgelet the photos and he looked thoughtful for a moment, smiled and said “Yes, it works” which I think meant something along the lines of your “Just seeing someone doing what they were born to do, what a wonderful thing” in pre-teen speak.

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