The other night I dreamt that I was so desperate to finish my chapter that I started to copy and paste large chunks of Tractor Girl’s blog and prayed fervently that my supervisors wouldn’t notice.

I think I need to get this chapter out of my system and start something different 🙂

In other news, HD has a job interview tomorrow morning, here in the city. It’s not a great job, but it will do. All prayers, candles, good vibes, etc appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Lots of prayer for you and HD. If my blog is featuring in your blog you obviously need loads of prayer at moment 😉

  2. I had a dream I spent my last $20- taking a friend to a parking station. Not sure what that means…

    Prayers and best wishes ascending from Down Under for HD’s interview. God bless.

  3. I keep dreaming of eggs (mainly fried). which is odd because I don’t eat eggs.

    All concievable things crossed for HD’s interview.

  4. hee hee – at least you picked a good blog to copy and paste, although its relevance is possibly questionable!

    Hope the interview went well

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