Non-verbal accents

I vaguely remember several years ago hearing (or perhaps reading) something about regional accents in BSL (British Sign Language). I find that fascinating. This week I was reminded of it whilst reading some stuff on facebook. I am friends with a few teenagers (one from madchurch, who I remember when she was a bump!, and also a couple of cousins of mine) there, and they tend, more often than not, to post their status updates in txtspk. As most of you probably know, once you post a status update people can comment on it, and they can end up being a bit of a conversation.

So the other day I saw a status update from my 15 year old cousin, and the ensuing conversation between her and one of her classmates. All of it in txtspk. And as I read it, I suddenly realised – I could “hear” the Northamptonshire accent as I was reading! How freaky is that?!

4 thoughts on “Non-verbal accents

  1. Ok, so what is text speak for “my duck”…which is the key Northamptonshire term I remember encountering.

  2. Hahahahaha, I haven’t seen it written down but will let you know when I do. I don’t think people start using it till they’re middle-aged, then everyone does, so my 15 year old cousin still has a few years to go!

  3. Dee, I think it was the use of “ent” for “isn’t”. Unfortunately the precise convo has now been deleted (it was a sort of argument!), it was definitely the best example of it!

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