Good day

Our newest, shiniest nephew was born at 11.45 this morning (8lbs 8oz, what a chubster!).

And this afternoon HD heard that he has got a temp job, just for a couple of months, and not in Scotland so there will be a bit of commuting and separation going on, but it’s a couple of months of not dealing with the Jobseekers’ Allowance people and takes a bit of the financial pressure off us both (particularly as I still don’t know when my own job is going to start – Disclosure Scotland (the criminal record checking people) are taking as long as they’re taking).

We are now on our 3rd glass of champagne of the evening 🙂

In other news, we managed to get out to a concert last night with a couple of friends from church, marking the opening of this year’s Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival at the Fruitmarket. The concert was called “Music Like a Vitamin” (there isn’t a direct link, but you can probably find it from the festival link). HD was only able to come for the final hour so missed all but the final act and a bit (he was driving back from his job interview). The line-up was James Yorkston and Adrian Crowley singing the songs of Daniel Johnstone (whoever he is) first (they were a bit shambolic but not in a bad way), then Emma Pollock and her band (a bit rocky and bangy-crashy for my liking, oh I sound like my dad – she had a great voice though, I’d like to hear her doing folk music as I think it would suit her voice better), then Karine Polwart (the act we’d gone to see), and then Alasdair Roberts (who I didn’t know but really liked – kind of folky, kind of surreal, and bizarrely he reminded me a bit of Kenny Everett), and then finally they all came back on stage to do a couple of songs. Actually the final two songs were my favourite bit, they were just extraordinary. We all felt that we’d have preferred it if perhaps there were fewer acts and they could have done longer sets (they all did 35 min sets with 15 min breaks between) as it felt a bit bitty. But it was a good night, and good for us to get out and have a life 🙂

6 thoughts on “Good day

  1. Congrats on the shiny nephew and the temporary income! Excellent news.

    Is it just me – or has nobody else allowed themselves a slight snort or snigger at the idea of the Mental Health Arts Festival being held at the Fruitmarket? I couldn’t help but think of cakes.
    I’ll go and do some suitable penance or other now….

  2. :D, you can so tell sometimes you live in Glasgow. Really glad you have some 😀 stuff going on though

  3. Yippee for the good news!

    And thanks for the reminder I have to dig out my CRB checks and possibly be re-done for a couple of places.

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