My WISE gift

Thank you very much to the lovely farli who sent me these lovely wooden tree decorations (plus a stick of rock as a clue, although I already had guessed my secret Santa’s identity from the postmark!). Rather embarrassingly we appear to have lost our Christmas tree (and with it all the previous decorations, including Miss Lisa’s decoration from last year’s WISE and some decorations from birdie as well from a ship secret Santa from a few years ago). It is in storage somewhere, but we couldn’t find it so I’m afraid we did without. However hopefully next year we’ll be more organised (and hopefully will be somewhere bigger where we don’t need the storage unit any more) and will have found the tree, so I’ll be able to show them in situ doing what they were created for.

Thanks again farli, the decorations are beautiful.


One thought on “My WISE gift

  1. Glad you liked them. If you think of a really sensible place to keep them until next year, you might find your other decorations there too.

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