Today I went into uni rather than work (this has been planned for a while, using up some annual leave). I had a good chat with a fellow PhD writer-upper, who reminded me (this was a rehash of a regular conversation we had, but I’d not seen her for a few months) how the PhD process seems to be as infused with guilt as any religion. However much work you do, you’re convinced you haven’t done enough. However much work you do, everyone else seems to have done more. However interesting and original your research is, it’s contrived and unoriginal compared with everyone else. “Good enough” is never good enough. No wonder it’s stressful.

In other, utterly unrelated news, after only a few days off the chocolate and alcohol I have so many zits I look horrific! If you see someone driving round Glasgow tomorrow with a paper bag over their head, you’ll know who it is.

7 thoughts on “Guilt

  1. Prayers for peace among all the stresses of the PhD — on which I am sure you are work is most wondrous and original.

    And prayers for the effects of Lenten deprivation; my skin is rather oily in general so I can sympathise.

  2. At least the zits are holy….they remind you (and by extension, others) of the great sacrifices you are making. They also induce greater periods of prayer that they may be removed (Warning: this prayer will be answered but it may not be until Easter Sunday when you sink your gnashers into a chocolate egg).

  3. Alcohol and chocolate with “life” in the extreme? You are either (i) very brave, (ii) very holy or (iii) you’ve final lost it completely.
    Look after yourself. Hugs and ongoing prayers 🙂

  4. Would you like me to have extra alcohol and chocolate on your behalf? 😀
    Mind you, think how gorgeous you’ll look once the zits have gone – bet HD would agree!

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