Feeling sorry for myself

Today I was supposed to have a day off in order to work on my thesis. Unfortunately at about 2.20am I had to get up and puke, and I was puking all morning. I think there is a bug going round as I think a few people around have had something similar. This afternoon and evening I have stopped barfing, but do have quite spectacular diarrhoea. I know this is all Too Much Information, but you know when you feel sorry for yourself and you just have to tell everyone.

I feel crap 🙁

5 thoughts on “Feeling sorry for myself

  1. Oh you poor old sausage! And how frustrating not to be able to work on your thesis when you had a day specifically to do that. Argh and argh.

    Thanks for sharing the details with us so that we can sympathise fully in your plight. 😉 Hope the bug is one that passes through swiftly and that you regain strength and energy quickly.

  2. Oh dear. So sorry to hear. As Kerensa wrote, my thanks for sharing the details so we too can enter into your suffering. 😉

    My prayers; hope you awake tomorrow refreshed and on teh way to recovery.

  3. Poor you – I hope you gets better soon. Being horribly ill is even more annoying when it strikes on a day off/weekend.

  4. I was going to offer hugs, but had second thoughts cos I don’t want to catch it! 😉

    Hope you’re feeling better soon though, and that you’re being well looked after!

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