Another procrastinatory post

I was going to start this post “I haven’t procrastinated for ages”, but, yes, well ….. What I mean is I haven’t written about procrastination for ages. And today I have essays to mark, so here I am.

Actually there’s not masses to write about. But I shall note that I had a very productive day at uni on Friday – I am currently working on combining a couple of chapters into a single chapter which makes considerably more sense as one big chapter rather than two smaller ones, and it didn’t end up being as difficult as I had feared it might. Now I have to add some quotes from my interviews, and expand on a couple of sections where I had run out of steam during the first draft, and that should be that – that’s tomorrow’s job (usually Fridays are my uni day, but this coming week I had to rearrange that due to commitments at work). Then I have to face my nemesis chapter – it’s an important one, but one where my first draft needs a major rewrite so I might well end up starting again. When I was originally writing it I was getting really frustrated with myself and thinking that what I was writing wasn’t very good, and feeling like I should have written another chapter before starting this one, and when they read it my supervisors agreed with that analysis! (they are very supportive, so the fact that even they said “substantial rewrite” reinforces that it does need quite a bit of work). I have allocated a month to do this (which in reality means 4-5 days, a day a week). Hopefully it will work out OK – I am finding that having a day a week in uni is proving a good way of getting things done, and maybe getting more done than if I had longer, as I have to be more focused.

I also need to book my travel and accommodation for the conference in Stockholm. I am a bit worried about this pesky volcano, but have checked out land and sea options, and they are all outrageously expensive, so I’m just going to have to risk booking a flight and then hope for the best.

3 thoughts on “Another procrastinatory post

  1. I’ve refused to have my home laptop checked out for work use, as I work far more productively on admin tasks when I’m in work if I’m not tempted to bring work home more than occasionally.

    It helped enormously when I discovered where the hidden away little bank of computers any member of staff can use, so when it’s totally manic in our office, which is unavoidable at times, I can go away and hide. And, because I can’t just hog one of those all day, I do just get on with it.

    I seem to have a lot of people’s travel plans on my prayer list at the moment!!

  2. Wow. Busy, very busy.

    Prayers and my best wishes for the trip to Stockholm as well as thesis, the nemesis chapter in particular, and marking.

  3. so very excited to ‘meet’ another maturest student in the world. I’m also a PhD student (just about to start the whole writing up process), wife, mother, mother to be, general dogsbody, somewhere below the dog in the pecking order, wannabe cinema goer, blogger, procrasinator (what do you think I’m doing now checking out blogs rather than writing up interviews). But so nice to know I’m now the only one out there.

    PS – also love the Daily Photos – been following the Tuzla one and the Oxford one for years. So great.

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