Thesis update

Inspired by Sigrun’s countdown (she has 50 days to her thesis submission day) I thought I’d give a quick update. I haven’t started a day by day countdown (though I think it’s 15 weeks to go for me) – maybe I’ll do that when it gets down into double figures.

So I’m currently rewriting the Chapter of Doom. This is my final empirical chapter (originally the penultimate one) and the only one where my supervisors said quite a major rewrite was required. I’ve been putting it off for ages, and over the weekend got to the point where it was doing my head in so much I was just about to delete the lot and write about something completely different instead. Fortunately I got over that (and myself) and have started to turn the corner with it – I think. It’s to be into my supervisors for Thursday morning so they can read it then in time for supervision on Friday. Eek.

Once this chapter is out of the way I’m going to feel like I’m on the home strait. All my other chapters need a bit of work, but it’s mostly pretty cosmetic and organisational rather than this one which needs major content revision. Hopefuly once this one is out of the way it will join the ranks of the ‘only cosmetic and organisational changes’ chapters rather than needing tons of extra work still, and that will feel much more manageable. While I’m still in the middle of the rewriting, it still feels like an uphill slog with no summit in sight, but once it’s over I’m hoping I’ll get to see the actual view. That would be really helpful actually, as I’m still to write the introduction and conclusion to the thesis, which will both involve describing the view in some detail.

I am flitting between still loving and being sick to the back teeth of my thesis. Goodness knows what you all think of it 🙂

Right, that’s me back to it now. I may be some time ….

8 thoughts on “Thesis update

  1. Yes, kick it and then write your conclusion chapter straight away before you forget what you found 😉

  2. I am just constantly amazed at the amount of work and dedication that goes into this … and ever so glad that I didn’t go the academic route 🙂 – go you!

  3. You keep at it – you WILL get there!

    As rain said, kick that Chapter of Doom to completion!!!!!

  4. Anyone who writes penultimate [a favourite word] has to be on the right track to me. 😉

    As Miss Lisa wrote, the effort involved has been eye-opening to me who thought it all trips, lazy afternoons with gin and a typewriter and leather-bound volumes. 😉 Go for it Jack!

  5. If you are still loving it even part of the time, I think that bodes well.

    Seven months after I submitted my MA, I’m just about able to read bits of it and not cringe.

    Hope the last few months are easier than you expect.

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