Greenbank Gardens

IMG_2519We had a very pleasant afternoon this afternoon cementing our middle age by strolling round the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) property of Greenbank Gardens in Clarkston, about 6 miles from Glasgow City Centre. It was raining a bit when we got there but not torrentially so I took the risk and took pictures anyway – there’s a set on flickr here. The rain eventually (more or less) went away for a bit so we didn’t get drenched, and I was able to practise taking close-up pictures of plants. It was one of those places I thought it might be nice to take my pastels to sometime, seeing as flowers in gardens are pretty much the only thing I can draw!IMG_2541

The garden is quite formally laid out, but it managed to not feel as po-faced as some formal gardens can. They also sell excess plants from the garden, so it’s probably just as well we haven’t got a garden at the moment as I would probably have bankrupted us!


4 thoughts on “Greenbank Gardens

  1. OH!!! I am so glad I found you. You left me a comment awhile back telling me about this blog and I couldn’t find it (the comment) and I swear I was going to cry.

    I have bookmarked you now 🙂

    thanks so much for the wonderful praise on my creative shadow shot, made my Sunday
    you always make me feel better

    I love the Gardens!!

  2. Dianne, it’s a pleasure and a privelege (my nemesis word, can never spell it!) to see you here. That photo of yours today was fantastic.

  3. I feel like I am turning into the grammar police (well, actually I am the grammar police – but I usually rein myself in).
    “Privilege” is the spelling you were casting around for. And while I’m on a roll, anyone else reading this comment, please note it does not have a “d” in it. (Not that JtL committed that particular sin). Neither does the word “college”.

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