Pottering about

Today is HD’s birthday (and yes it does have a 0 on the end!). We are being gentle and middle-aged and pottering about (and trying out our shiny new washing machine, delivered this morning), and having a curry with friends this evening. The birthday adventure is next weekend (I expect photos will be taken, it’s going to be fantastic, but I will leave you in suspense at that).

It is so nice that the entire flat isn’t shuddering (accompanied by random crashings and bangings) during a spin cycle.

Between now and next weekend’s adventure, I am going on another adventure as the conference I have mentioned occasionally over the last few months is nearly upon us and I am off to Sweden tomorrow. I give my talk first thing (I mean really 1st thing, 8.30am!) on Tuesday, which is the first full day of the conference. It has such a big programme, there are 22 other panels going on the same time as mine, so I am really not sure anyone will come to ours! But it will be more good experience, and I’m planning on taking a bit of time to explore the city while I’m there (note to Ian: I don’t think this *quite* counts as a jolly as it’s not all expenses paid (I won some funding for part of the costs but not all of them), but it will be good to get away and I do intend to do some playing as well as working so it is jolly-like I guess!).

I have been preparing for this, my first trip to Sweden, thanks to the power of the interwebz.



Bork bork bork!

9 thoughts on “Pottering about

  1. Hope it all goes well in Sweden! I’m not certain I would have a functioning brain at 8.30 a.m. (well, I know I don’t, it’s why I’m to be seen pottering at work doing things that do not require my brain to be functioning.)

  2. Where in Sweden are you off to? Happy Birthday and congrats on the new washing machine 🙂

  3. Sig, I’m off to Stockholm. V excited! (bork!)

    Auntie D: yes I think I did tell you. You’ll have to keep it quiet though (HD knows as he chose it but not many other people do!).

  4. A belated Happy Birthday to HD!

    And enjoy Stockholm and the conference; you’ll do wonderfully! I had a fleeting visit to Stockholm in 2001 and loved it.

  5. Happy birthday HD, and I can’t wait for photos! And I’m very impressed with your research methods – inspirational 🙂

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