I got back today from my few days in lovely Stockholm. It’s a fantastic city, really laid back and relaxed, and easy on the eye too, as well as really friendly and helpful people, I liked it there a lot. The conference was good too – well, it had its good bits and not so good bits, but it’s given me lots to think about which I may blog about at some point in the next few days. Tractor Girl’s comments about working in academia a few paragraphs down in this post, as well as the comment which inspired them, dovetailed nicely in to thoughts I was having during the conference, so I might add my 2p on that as well at some point. Though not now as I have been up since silly o’clock this morning and am not currently at my most coherent.

I’ll put some Stockholm photos up on flickr at some point too. Probably not till next week though, as I still have some more adventuring to do this weekend to celebrate HD’s birthday.

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  1. Welcome back; happy adventuring with HD; and look forward to reading and seeing the delights of Stockholm when you are able.

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