Missing Greenbelt

We are not at Greenbelt this year – I suspect as I write many people are either heading home or just waiting for the headliner on Main Stage. We didn’t go last year as I really felt like I needed a year off and was a bit addled and thought I wouldn’t be able to cope with hippy earnestness, and this year I couldn’t go due to the imminence of my thesis deadline (which is why I’m here, of course!) plus the timing not working out for holidays at work. I’ve caught photos and status updates and comments about the festival in various places (facebook, twitter, flickr) and it looks amazing, and unlike last year where the break did me good, this year I’m finding I’m really missing it. I know over the year there have been various conversations, on the wibsite and elsewhere, on the politics and issues around GB, but to be honest I’m not really very interested in that. I don’t go to Greenbelt (or any other festival) to prove my Christian credentials or anything like that, or look down on others who don’t go (not that I’m suggesting anyone here does that!) – I just find it a place where I can chill, breathe, relax, meet amazing friends I don’t get to see at any (or many) other time, and more often than not get surprised by God in the midst of it all.

So I’m looking forward to reading people’s accounts once they’re back home. But I’ll be reading with a little twinge of sadness too that I wasn’t able to go this time.

4 thoughts on “Missing Greenbelt

  1. Think how good it will be next year after two years’ break and with the satisfaction of a PhD under your belt. One more month and it will be all done and out of the way and you’ll be back to looking down on those of us who don’t go to Greenbelt 🙂

  2. What Smudgie said… Yes, even though we never met at Greenbelt, I sort of missed you (kind of weird, that, but that’s how it felt like).

  3. You’ll be pleased to know that the Monday night mainstage headliner pulled out at hours of notice, so you didn’t miss that!

    My attitude to GB is similar to yours – I go to see friends I only see at GB (some of whom until recently lived in the next London district to me!), to chill out, hear a few good speakers, and be surprised by God. This year I really didn’t feel like going, but found the time surprisingly restorative. Hope to see you there next year!

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