For the win

IMG_3105This is so so so so minor in the scheme of things, but was such a rare event I wanted to preserve it for posterity. When I update my antivirus or am waiting for something to download on my computer then quite often I will play Hearts. I’m not a gamer at all, Hearts and Minesweeper do me fine and I wouldn’t bother to buy any, this is fine for the odd minute here and there. But in all my years of playing Hearts (my lodger taught me it in London, so probably 7 or 8 years), this is the only time I’ve ever managed to win with a score of 0 (my previous best was 3, and I’d only done that once, a couple of years ago). So you’ll forgive me for being very happy about it!

Here it is in closeup! 😀


8 thoughts on “For the win

  1. Well done! I should look at Hearts; tried it once and thought I’d won as my score was so high — then realised it works the other way. 😀

  2. PS and now I’m going to have to go and play a round or two* of Hearts, haven’t played in years. (Learned at my father’s knee with real cards)

    *yeah right, I can totally stop after just one or two rounds……

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