Temporary suspension of the countdown.

Following a meeting with my supervisors yesterday we have made a bit of an executive decision. The thesis is nearly nearly there, but still requires a few structural changes which may end up being a bit fiddly and time consuming. So although I am still working on it at the same pace (note to my husband: don’t laugh) I have only now put in my intention to submit form which gives me a bit of time more for submission. Not loads more time, but just having the spectre of September 30th removed has taken away the bulk of the pressure and given me a new burst of energy. I’m still aiming to have most of it done by then, but it means that I can take a few days out to prepare for my job interview the following week, and then hopefully I will only have the fiddly reference checking and pagination and contents pages and turning it into a pdf file and that sort of thing still to do which means it will only be a couple of weeks late with any luck. They seemed to think it wouldn’t be a huge problem, and that if it was it would be them that are moaned at rather than me, so I’m happy with that. They’ve told me to aim for Christmas, but if it’s still not submitted by then then please do poke me with a cattle prod.

I’ve got most of the next couple of weeks off so I’m still going to go thesis mad, which will hopefully get the bulk of the work done – who knows if it goes well I might still manage the end of the month. But having the pressure of the deadline removed is really helpful.

I was reminded of this recent PhD comics cartoon: ready to graduate?

4 thoughts on “Temporary suspension of the countdown.

  1. Good to hear you have room to breathe now. Having followed the link to PhD comics (funny, btw), I spotted the bottom right hand corner an am minded to remind you of the perils of procrastination!

    Stay breathing regularly and remember to keep focused! Good luck out there (or correct theological equivalent)

  2. Deadlines can be quite motivating but can also be just threatening, so sounds like it’s a good solution 🙂 And it would’ve been too late for a December graduation anyway, I reckon?

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