Technical question about RSS feed readers

So I use bloglines to check out the blogs I like to read. I’ve been happy enough with this service for a number of years, but over the last couple of days a notice has appeared from its owners to say that it’s shutting down from October 1st so I need to transfer my RSS feeds to another reader (in the meantime I’m copying the blog addresses to a Word file in case I break it all and lose the lot when I try to export the feeds). The main one seems to be Google Reader, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this? (I know I could ask the resident techie, but he’s away for the weekend and uses bloglines for his RSS feeds too).

I do have a googlemail email account, so have taken a quick look at the reader from there. I guess it will be easy enough to set it up, but I do wonder from a quick look whether it is possible (like it is in bloglines) once a post is read for it to disappear unless you mark it? I can see (from their recommended feeds, none of which interest me in the slightest) that if there’s a post you want to keep you can star it, just like with important emails so they’re easier to access in the future, but I don’t want to be trawling through a morass of read posts that no longer interest me in order to find the occasional classic.

Alternatively, does anyone use a reader other than bloglines or Google Reader they can recommend?

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  1. It works great. It’s how I read your blog entries, for example. And “starring” is helpful for finding entries of interest but you can scroll back through time to review if you wish.

  2. As far as I can tell, as with GMail, they have the attitude of “Why would you want to delete?”. So, as it’s the only Reader I’ve ever used, I’m used to it.

    I’ve never tried starring things, but all starred items should show up in the Starred Items view, regardless of which blog they came from. An elite All Items view, I guess.

  3. I’m also mourning the demise of bloglines, but trying to avoid Google because I log in with about 4 different accounts and it would get confusing (I seem to have all the work ones we use for email/calendars). Am trying to make it work in Mail as advised by a fellow mac user, but if you find a different online alternative I’d be interested.

    The exporting thing from bloglines failed miserably for me…..

  4. I’ll give Google Reader a try – I was hopeful about the delete feature as I can delete emails in googlemail and I’m sure HD does the same in gmail. But the little check box by individual emails doesn’t look obviously there in the Reader.

  5. I’m also wondering if you can sort starred entries by blog which is what I do with my bloglines feeds, it’s very handy as it means I don’t have to trawl through absolutely everything I’ve saved (which is quite a lot over the years) but just through individual blogs.

  6. They all speak the truth. Google Reader works great and I’ve searched through previous entries before and been very happy to still find stuff!! You can search like you do with google, or gmail, search according to name of blogger and keywords (eg. I just searched jackthelass and thesis and got 123 results…) You can also export everything from bloglines and import it into google so you don’t have to worry about losing subscriptions.

  7. thanks for this post, and all of you lovely people for the comments. it was very helpful…although, i must share that after exporting from bloglines to googlereader, it was a bit unnerving: anyone who follows the gmail BUZZ feature may, in fact, follow your RSS feed too through googlereader (unless you know enough to select the right box in the settings menu).
    I don’t know exactly how things look to other people, am seriously afraid of BUZZ anyway, so i unselected people from following me… hope that solved the problem. anyway, with some experience and a bit of fiddling-around with the program, i hope googlereader will work just fine.
    …although, with all these online tools and codes and tracking and online advertising, etc., i’m increasingly reminded of Big Brother. but that’s a different story for another day.

  8. Hmmm yes Google Buzz, that’s a whole other question! As googlemail isn’t my main email address I’ve just ignored it – I neither follow nor am followed as far as I can tell. Will have to make sure it stays that way!

  9. would you believe I don’t use any reader at all
    I just bookmark my favorite folks and visit as often as I can

    as for the mums I mentioned – they’re chrysanthemums
    wonderful round little flowers in an amazing array of color
    they’re just starting to pop out, I’ll post some shots soon

  10. I used the web browser ‘flock’ for a while and it kept me up-to-date with all my blog reading. Unfortuantly it overwhelmed me because I went away on holiday and the undreads piled up (this included news websites)….

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