The Gallery Week 28: A Smile

I’ve not participated in the Gallery photo meme for a few weeks (click on the logo to go to the host blog, Sticky Fingers) but thought I’d jump in this week. The theme this time is “A Smile”, inspired by the Mona Lisa Million Project.

I found this one quite difficult. I thought I’d find a picture of me looking enigmatic like the Mona Lisa, but the closest I found to ‘enigmatic’ was ‘dorky’. I also feel really self-conscious about my own smile so struggle to look natural when a camera’s pointed my way (I was terrified I’d look awful in all my wedding photos – fortunately I was so chilled and loved-up that day I forgot to be self-conscious and it showed 😀 ).

Anyway. I thought I’d go instead for something that makes me smile.


This isn’t the world’s greatest picture (it was very windy, I’m sad I didn’t get that bottom bit of ribbon in!), but it makes me smile as it reminds me of things I like. Camping (it’s the thing we put on a pole outside our tent, so we stand a chance of finding it in the dark), Greenbelt (this was taken the last time we were at the festival, in 2008), rainbows.

I’m smiling now 🙂

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