The Gallery Week 34 – Seasons

I haven’t posted on the Gallery for a few weeks, but this week’s theme is Seasons so I have the perfect excuse to post some of the pictures I took in Queen’s Park the other weekend. I was going stir-crazy so we took a walk as it was a lovely day (the last one for a while, probably) and we were rewarded with some wonderful colour.

IMG_3395 IMG_3399

One thing we both noticed was how yellow autumn in the park is this year. It was definitely the predominant colour.




It’s also very yellow in the park in spring thanks to the carpets of daffodils everywhere. We really are so lucky living near such a great park. Every season is different. I think autumn and spring are my favourites though. Maybe somewhere else I’d favour another season, but here, well, winter is Winter with a capital Wet, and as for summer, well ….. move along, nothing to see here!

Yellow wasn’t the only colour we spotted:


My favourite picture though is that classic yellow/blue combo:


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  1. I second that – thanks for sharing, and I’ll have to ask you at some point what camera you’re using (thinking of rewarding myself with one soon…)

  2. Great pictures — especially that last one (yellow / blue combo). Thanks for visiting my blog — hope to see you back again soon!

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